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High Alumina Bricks

Our supply range of high alumina bricks are useful in the construction of steel refining furnaces, glass tanks, ceramic kilns, enamel kilns and rotary cement kilns. The high alumina bricks comprise of a blend of alumina and ferrous content and their apparent porosity is 15 to 23%. They have high refractoriness and can sustain themselves easily even in high temperature. This is the reason why they are used as high temperature equipments in various industries. These high alumina bricks are highly resistant to corrosion due to metal fluid and oxidation.

We are one of the most trusted names in this domain of high alumina bricks. Our capabilities have made it possible for us to produce top quality high alumina bricks. The plant has a capacity of producing 1400 MT per month and our close proximity with the Kandla and Mudra ports makes it easier for us to transport the products to our clients.

Thanks to our expert teams of technicians and executives we are the leading supplier when it comes to delivering according to the requirements of our clients. We have easy access to the top quality raw materials and skilled labor. Our high alumina products are best suited for industrial use as they can survive even in high temperature and pressure.
High Alumina Bricks Specifications:
P.L.C. %
DEC-50 50 2.75 22 2.3 400 33 1420 ±1.0 at 1450°C/2 hrs
DEC-60 60 3.0 22 2.55 450 34 1450 +1.5 at 1450°C/2 hrs
DEC-60 LF 60 2.0 20 2.45 450 34 1450 +1.5 at 1450°C/2 hrs
DEC-70 70 3.2 22 2.65 550 36 1470 +1.5 at 1500°C/2 hrs
DEC-70 LF 70 2.5 22 2.7 550 36 1470 +1.5 at 1500°C/2 hrs
DEC-80 80 3.5 21 2.75 600 37 1500 +2.5 at 1550°C/2 hrs
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